BBS Knowledge

Designed to empower BBS students with insights, debates, and podcasts, fostering growth, innovation, and professional development.

Introducing “BBS Knowledge,” the comprehensive umbrella platform that integrates the multifaceted offerings of Bucharest Business School (BBS) for its esteemed programs. Under the BBS Knowledge banner, students and alumni gain access to a wealth of resources, insights, and opportunities designed to enhance their learning journey and professional development.

At the core of BBS Knowledge are three pillars: BBS Presents, BBS Review, and the BBS Podcast “The Expert Hour.” Each component plays a vital role in providing a holistic educational experience that transcends traditional boundaries and fosters a culture of continuous growth and innovation.

BBS Presents brings together industry experts, thought leaders, and alumni professionals to generate stimulating debates, conduct in-depth studies, and facilitate interactive events that delve into the latest trends and challenges in business, entrepreneurship, management, and leadership. Through seminars, workshops, research papers, case studies and panel discussions, participants engage in meaningful dialogue and exchange ideas that inspire actionable insights and strategic thinking.

Complementing BBS Presents is BBS Review, a platform dedicated to thought leadership and knowledge dissemination through articles, authored by BBS faculty, alumni, and industry experts. By showcasing cutting-edge research and best practices, BBS Review serves as a valuable resource for students and practitioners seeking to stay abreast of emerging trends and innovative solutions in the business world.

Rounding out the BBS Knowledge ecosystem is “The Expert Hour,” a podcast series hosted by Costin Ciora together with Vasile Strat and Maria Ionescu, which offers unparalleled insights, expert advice, and thought-provoking discussions on all things business. Featuring interviews with industry leaders, success stories from alumni, and deep dives into critical topics, “The Expert Hour” enriches the learning experience beyond the classroom, providing listeners with actionable strategies and inspiration for personal and professional growth.

With BBS Knowledge, students and alumni of all BBS programs gain access to a dynamic platform that empowers them to expand their horizons, sharpen their skills, and unlock their full potential as leaders in the global business community.

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BBS Knowledge Pillars

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