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BBS Review

Designed to fuel the dialogue in the local business community, by linking science with top practical expertise, this initiative brings together a diverse array of perspectives, research insights, and industry analyses.

BBS Review is an editorial project of the Association of Alumni and Students of Bucharest Business School. BBS Review aims to bring quality content on the public stage and to support the debate on important topics based on the experience and expertise of the members of the community formed around Bucharest Business School.

BBS Review Coordination Team

Our editorial team stands as the creative and intellectual engine behind our commitment to insightful scholarship and knowledge dissemination.

Including seasoned editors, writers, and experts in various business domains, our editorial team plays a pivotal role in curating thought-provoking content that bridges academia with the practical world. From academic research papers to industry analyses, the team ensures that the Bucharest Business School Review reflects the forefront of local business thought leadership. With a keen eye for relevance and excellence, our editorial team contributes to the dynamic intellectual landscape of Bucharest Business School, fostering a platform for informed dialogue and continuous learning.


    Associate Professor PHD
    Dean of Bucharest Business School


    Associate Professor PHD Bucharest University of Economic Studies


    Managing Editor BBS Review
    BBS Podcast Cohost
    Bucharest Business School


    Webmaster & Technical Support
    Intern - Bucharest Business School

  • Ana-Maria Masoud

    Country Manager at Tquila Automation
    Alumni MBA INDE - Bucharest Business School

  • Dorel Codina

    Alumni EMBA ROCA - Bucharest Business School

Contact Info

Victor Slavescu Building 2-2a Calea Grivitei St. 1st District of Bucharest

Mobile: +40.722.16.13.27

Web: www.bbs.ase.ro

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